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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Installation

Air seal your attic with this versatile insulation method

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation | Attic Cleaning Pasadena, CA

What Is The Purpose Of Insulation?

Essentially, it's to keep you from having to spend a fortune on energy costs! The insulation in your home, particularly in your attic, keeps air inside and circulating so that the temperature remains comfortable. Without it, that air would escape, and as a result your heating and AC would run far more.

Why Does Spray Foam Benefit You?

Regular insulation that comes in sheets of fiberglass, or other such methods, work decently enough, but they don't create a complete seal. Thus, air is still able to leak out of the home, creating a drain on your energy.

That's where spray foam insulation comes in! When first applied, the foam is in a soft, malleable state, but it quickly expands and grows to fill the space it's in, therefore, creating an airtight seal once it solidifies. It will completely seal the space with no room for those leaks that are slowly losing you money. This also works to keep out insects, as they won't be able to wiggle through.

There's even a type called closed cell that prevents moisture from accumulating, which means that mold and mildew are unable to grow! You can avoid this problem common with regular insulation all together.

Why Let Us Do It?

While DIY is possible with this type of insulation, it's always best to allow the experts to take care of things! Our knowledge will mean it will be done faster, and carefully so that you won't have any of the issues that can occur if applied incorrectly. There can be accidental gaps that will still allow air to escape, or the potential for it to damage wood if it expands too closely to it. Protective gear must also be worn when applying it, and excess material will need to be scraped off.

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