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Rodent Proofing

Attic Rodent Proofing Services

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Rodent Proofing

Rodent Proofing Service | Attic Cleaning Pasadena, CA

Pests like rats and mice can infest your property in no time. By the time you become aware of one or two, chances are there will be hundreds more where they came from. Don’t leave them to breed and burrow their way through your floorboards - call on our experts to remove them humanely instead.

An Army of Rodents

Rats and mice arrive in your home with one goal: to make it theirs. They are resourceful and incredibly determined animals, adept when it comes to creating nesting areas deep within the structure of your property. Once there, they will reproduce rapidly, and their offspring will continue the pattern of destroying your walls and floorboards to make more space. There’s no use waiting for them to leave. You will have to chase them out.  

Not Just Damage – Disease Too

Rodents are also experts when it comes to causing damage. A rat or mouse infestation in your home is bad news for your belongings, from your clothing and bedding to your books and furniture. Perhaps the worst part is that they'll seek out your food stores and carry off anything that seems appetizing. In doing so they'll leave behind droppings and saliva with the potential of carrying a variety of bacteria.

Only One Way Out

There is no point in showing rodents the front door if they’re only simply going to turn right back round again. To prevent rats and mice from breeding in your home you'll have to make it as unwelcoming a space as possible. Our experts are experienced when it comes to examining your home from a rodent’s perspective, seeking out little cracks and gaps they may use to enter your property. When proofing your property, our experts will seal these spaces to keep them out.

A Humane Approach

Because poison and traditional traps help to create an unsafe environment for you and your family, we prefer to rely on our skills – we use persistence to track down the rats and mice and humane traps to usher them out. We prioritize prevention over extermination. 

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