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If you're going to have work done on your home, you want to know it'll be done right! That's the kind of assurance you get with Attic Cleaning Pasadena. We've been working on attics just like yours in the area for years, using the highest quality tools and material available. That skill and knowledge means that our team can assure a job well done, and one that's fast so you can move on with your busy schedule. It's why we're considered one of the best in California!

Professional Attic Cleaning You Can Count On

While a thick layer of dust over everything may simply seem like a mess and not much else, it can cause a lot of trouble! Mold can grow and spread from your attic to the rest of the house, eating away at the wood of your attic, as well as anything stored up there. The dust also can easily pollute your home's air and cause health risks. We'll clear it all out safely!

Insulating Your Attic

From insulation damage, to simply not having enough R-Value for our climate, we'll take care of whatever the problem is! We can safely remove anything that's been harmed, so that you don't need to worry about particles polluting your home's air, then can replace it with whatever kind you prefer. We can also install fiberglass, cellulose, or otherwise into new attics, or add padding to what you already have to make sure you're getting the most out of it.

Looking For More Energy Savings?

We can help! Attic Cleaning Pasadena can install radiant barriers, which go on the roof of your home. They bounce the sun's rays away, leaving your household far cooler. Air sealing is also available, which will help creating a more airtight space in your attic and prevent leaks that can cost you over time.


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