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Attic Insulation Removal

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Your attic may seem like an inanimate thing that can barely affect you. It's way up there, interrupting no one and gets interrupted by nothing. But is that really the case?

The outer attic's walls have to endure daily wear and tear from the weather, from exposure to heat or humidity, from wind and rain, and from rodents, birds, or other creatures that make it their home or that want to get through it and make it into safety, even if damaging it on their way.

Sometimes, when attics are attacked by the abovementioned elements and factors and sustain damage, they start inflicting damage of their own, so to speak.

When Attics Attack

When your attic sustains enough damage, it starts letting things in. This can be humidity which proceeds to damaging other floors, ceilings, and walls around the house, it can be cold or hot air which tampers with your house's temperature control, and it can be rodents that bring uncleanliness and disease with them. None of which are homeowners' first choice for houseguests.

In order to deal with such a case, you must first hire professionals to deliver attic insulation removal solutions. They will take everything out and make sure there's room for the new instead of the old.

You Don’t Just Tear Pieces Out

Removing the old insulation may sound simple enough. But getting down on your hands and knees and trying to tear pieces out just won't cut it, even if you believe you've done excellent work. Pieces you can't see or overlooked will remain and interrupt other work that has to be done, or will compromise the new insulation's efficiency.

However, when professionals do the job you can be rest assured all previously used material will be completely removed and safely disposed of, leaving the area ready for new insulation to be installed.

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Have no fear, whenever you suspect your attic might be planning to launch a counterattack just give us a call, and our professionals at Attic Cleaning Pasadena will immediately come to the rescue! We also offer crawl space cleaning and decontamination.


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