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Should You Get Your Attic Cleaned?

If it isn't tended to regularly, yes! You may think it doesn't matter if dust is covering everything in your attic when nobody goes into it, but that's not the case. Several issues can come from leaving it alone, none of which you'll want to deal with! Plus, there may be animal droppings, or even carcasses, that you might not even know about.

Why Does It Matter?

Your family's health and your home's integrity could be on the line if these things are left unchecked. Rodent droppings and carcasses both carry disease, which can easily get on belongings and be brought into the home. The smell may also leech down to your household, and even if it doesn't, it can attract even more pests. Bugs especially will be drawn in, and can harm your items, attic, and home in general if they invade it.

As for the dust, it's also dangerous, which may surprise you! Mold can easily begin to grow and spread because of it, which will eat away at most anything it comes across: your belongings, the wood of your attic and it will keep going and weaken your attic as a whole.

Another problem with dust is that it clogs the vents in your attic that allow for airflow and circulation. The dirt will pollute the air, which can be carried into your house and therefore breathed in. Poor air quality causes all sorts of health risks, especially those with breathing disorders.

Let Us Assist You!

We'll come out quickly and get to work, making sure we tend to every inch of your attic to get it completely cleaned out. Our experts will do so carefully to ensure no cross-contamination happens with the rest of your home. Your attic will look like new again before you know it!

Keep Your Household Safe!

Call Attic Cleaning Pasadena now and let us make sure that your home and family are protected, and your attic is pristine.

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